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Panasonic Space Player

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Panasonic Space Player provides a hybrid illumination & image projection solution to enhance displayed objects or create vivid signage in a variety of locations & applications. The ability to combine customized lighting and ambient illumination, still images & moving pictures grabs attention in retail environments while harnessing brightness and resolution to deliver text and image information clearly in exhibition spaces. With freedom to project a variety of media, it’s never been easier to transform your display.

Turn a meal into a memorable dining experience, Space Player takes presentation and atmosphere to the next level, be it with menu projection onto walls or tables, accentuating the colour of food or décor, audio video entertainment and information, or setting moods with shifting ambient light.

Breathe new life into exhibits, project textual or graphic information about items on display showing the exhibit in its best light.

Turn heads with attention grabbing effects for product presentations on shop floors and in window displays. Turn a product display into a multi-media exhibit that informs buyers motivation.

 Please contact ACE Audio Visual for further details, info@aceaudiovisual.ie or 01 4509967.

Latest update: 14/03/2019
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