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Wireless Projection

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Consider Wireless Projection?

 No cables – present from anywhere in the room.

 A wireless projector allows you the user to display data or video that is on your computer, tablet or phone without running a single cable. You can project documents, presentations & videos in real time from a source as far as 25m away.

How these projectors receive the information varies. Some projectors have a built-in wireless card with others requiring an optional accessory such as an usb dongle.

For those using an external usb dongle it will generally be plugged into the A usb slot of the projector.  

Whether using a machine with a built in wireless or an external usb dongle the user  

will generally require an app installed on your laptop, tablet or  smartphone to display presentations, documents or videos stored on your device. This app allows you connect to the projector & coordinates encrypting, compressing and sending the data from your laptop or similar to the projector. Multiple users can also join & display their content by splitting the projection screen into sections.

The wireless projector is a super system for those who have the required app on their device, it connects in seconds & is reliable.

Wireless connection enables presenters to move anywhere within the room rather than be restricted to AV cabled input points.

There are then external systems for connecting wirelessly such as Extron’s eLink, this does not require any software, connection is made from a laptop via a hdmi to a transmitter with the receiver located at the projector. This type of system may be more beneficial where there may be guest or visiting presenters who would not have the app downloaded to their device

Latest update: 14/03/2019
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