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Conventional Lamp or Laser Projector

The initial cost of a laser projector is higher than a conventional lamp machine, however, due to the efficiency of the laser the cost of maintaining the system is much less. The initial cost of a laser projector with approximately 5000 lumens will be substantially higher than the cost of a LCD/DLP lamp projector. 

However we must also factor in the cost savings on electricity, maintenance and potential downtime over those 20,000 hours of use (laser lifetime).  When you amortize over time, the cost levels out quite a bit. And if you put a price tag on aggravation (maintenance, replacement bulb cost, noise, heat, dimness, etc), and a value on image quality and brightness, well then the laser projector will ultimately seem a good bit cheaper and well worth the initial cost.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Projector

      ·Is it to be portable or installed ?

·How bright does it need to be ? - measured in lumens, higher lumens  means brighter image

·What features do I really need ?

·Which resolution would be most suitable for you XGA, WXGA or WUXGA ?

·How much is it going to cost ?

·The answer to these questions will decide the type & model most suitable.

We can assist in navigating through these & making a recommendation, email: info@aceaudiovisual.ie or 01 2544662.

      Please see below a selection a selection of makes and models we can offer.


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